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Object Name: IBM ASCC-Mark I chain link
Date: circa 1944
Inventory Number: 1997-1-0963e
Classification: Computer Part
User: Harvard Computation Laboratory
founded 1944
Maker: Howard H. Aiken
1900 - 1973
Maker: Benjamin M. Durfee
1897 - 1980
Maker: Frank E. Hamilton
1898 - 1972
Maker: Clair D. Lake
1888 - 1958
Maker: Robert V. D. Campbell
born 1916
User: Grace Murray Hopper
1906 - 1992
User: Richard M. Bloch
1922 - 2000
User: United States Navy
founded 1775
Cultural Region: United States
City of Origin: Endicott
Dimensions: 1.2 x 1.7 x 2.4 cm (1/2 x 11/16 x 15/16 in.)
Materials: steel
Description: Link of chain from the IBM ASCC Harvard Mark I computer.
Signed: unsigned
Curatorial Remarks: This link was removed from the chain in Mark I when it was decided to get some of the mechanical parts working.
Published References: Online exhibit about the ASCC produced by the IBM corporate archives.
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