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Object Name: two pan brass and steel beam balance in wooden case
Date: circa 1800
Inventory Number: DW0985
Classification: Money Balance
Maker: Viard
fl. 1800
Cultural Region: France
City of Origin: Rouen
Dimensions: 2.5 x 6.7 x 6.2 cm (1 x 2 5/8 x 2 7/16 in.)
Materials: wood, brass, metal, paper, string
Description: A beam balance-type set of 2-pan money scales, with an iron beam and circular copper pans. The two pans hang from the metal beam by three strings attached to "s" hooks on either end of the beam.

A mahoghany, rectangular hinged storage box with angled corners has hook closures and carved spaces for balance and weights. Box has paper chart affixed inside the lid titled, "Nouvelles Monnaies de France" and "Monnaies de France Anciennes." Square brass weights are labeled, "6 Liveres, 5 Francs, 3 Livres, Louis, Double Louis." Small weights inside sliding compartment.
Accessories: Mahoghany box with five square brass weights (one missing) in box cut-outs, and nine small brass cutting weights inside sliding compartment
Signed: printed on paper chart inside lid: VIARD / BALANCIER - AJUSTEUR / [...] / A ROUEN
Inscribed: printed chart inside box lid titled: Nouvelles Monnaies de France; Monnaies de France Anciennes; square brass weights labeled: 6 Liveres; 5 Francs; 3 Livres; Louis; Double Louis
Function: Paper chart indicates that this balance was used to weigh French currency. The weights are for old (pre-Revolution) money and new currency (francs).
Curatorial Remarks: Missing one weight.
Provenance: Acquired by David Wheatland in 1949.
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