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Image Object NameRelated PeopleClassificationDateInventory Number
pocket botanical and universal microscopeGeorge Adams II Microscope 17891001
thunder houseFrench Thunder House 1790-1830DW0841
mounted flounderWilliam Dandridge Peck Mounted Biological Specimen 17930038
surveyor's compassJohn Trundy Surveyor's Compass circa 17965204
glass tubing for chemical experiments, belonging to Joseph PriestleyJoseph Priestley Glassware circa 18000096
handbill for a lecture on electricity by William KingWilliam King Handbill circa 18101998-1-1098b
colored etching, "The Golden Remedy—Or Electrical Panacea"George Cruikshank Engraving dated 18171998-1-1095
mariner's compassRobert Merrill Magnetic Compass 1840-1858DW0311
upright reciprocating engine modelDaniel Davis, Jr. Engine Model circa 18420140
drum-type compound microscopeGeorges Oberhaeuser Microscope 1845-18461117
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