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    Name: Georg Hartman
    Alternate Name(s):
    • Georg Hartmann
    • Georg Hartman
    Biographical Dates: 1489 - 1564
    Biography: Georg Hartmann (or Hartman) was an instrument maker, mathematician, astronomer, and printer born near Forchheim, Bavaria in 1489. He studied mathematician and theology at the University of Cologne, then moved to Nuremberg in 1518.

    Hartmann, who made a variety of astronomical and other scientific instruments, authored two books: Directorium (1554), on astrology, and the posthumously published Hartmann's Pracktika (2002), on sundials and astrolabes. He also published a reprint of a 1292 book on optics, John Peckham's Perspectiva Communis (1542).

    Hartmann died in 1564.

    Text Entries:
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    • Hartmann's Practika: A Manual For Making Sundials and Astrolabes with the Compass and Rule
    • The Praktika: A Manual for Making Sundials and Astrolabes with the Compass and Rule Written between 1518 and 1528
    • Hardcopy of Microfilm of Collectanea mathematica praeprimis gnomicam spectantia
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