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    Name: Jean Fusoris
    Alternate Name(s):
    • Jean Fusoris
    Biographical Dates: circa 1365 - 1436
    Biography: Jean Fusoris was born in Giraumont in the Ardennes region of France around 1365. He attended university and earned his bachelor's degree in 1379 and master's degree in 1391. He served as one of the master's regents in Paris until 1400. He died in 1436.

    His father was a pewter, and Fusoris learned metal working skills from him. He opened a instrument making workshop in Paris at the end of the 14th century, and was renown for his exquisite astrolabes and clocks.

    Fusoris was a member of a French embassy to England in 1415 and sold an astrolabe to the bishop of Norwich. When payment was not forthcoming, Fusoris returned to England to try to get his money. War broke out between France and England, and on his return to France, Fusoris was arrested on espionage charges. He was exiled to Mezieres-sur-Meuze and later to Reims. After a period of time, he was able to accept and fill commissions for instruments while in exile.
    Text Entries:
    Emmanuel Poulle, Un constructeur d'instruments astronomiques au XVe siècle, Jean Fusoris (Paris, 1963).
    Fusoris, Composition et usage de l'astrolabe, written 1407-1412.
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