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    Name: Ulrich Schniep
    Biographical Dates: fl. 1553 - 1588
    Remarks: signed: VS
    Biography: Ulrich Schniep was born in Wiesensteig (near Ulm) and was active from 1545 onwards. In 1554 Ulrich Schniep moved to Munich, and obtained a license that year. His apprentices included his son Alexius Schniep and Markus Purmann. Schniep died in the early summer of 1588.

    Wealthy clients included the Duke Albrecht and Emperor Maximilian II. Schniep served as the time-telling instrument maker to Wilhelm V, Duke of Bavaria (1548-1626). As early as 1551, Emperor Charles V granted Schniep the privilege of a coat of arms. It featured a polyhedral sundial and the motto, "Asteranimos und Kundtpassmacher."
    Culture Region: Deutschland
    Place of Origin: Wiesensteig
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